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The Open Web Service provides open data, web apps, user data registration, data linking, and more.
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List of services that try to improve society and the environment

Hardware solutions

Spacial recognition through gyro and acceleration detection: Web VR(Virtual Reality) + tracking. Visual space recognition: Web AR(Augmented Reality) + facial recognition + 3D object recognition + barcode recognition + QR code recognition. Visual space recognition and 3D model collision detection: Web MR(Mixed Reality). Software solutions for specialized hardware: iOT, sensors, IP cameras, wearable glasses.


Localization, multi-lingual services for systems, English area research and service agency. Offshore development.

Data automation

Automation of data creation, modification and deletion using logic and templates. RPA(Robotic Process Automation).

Web based data transmission

Web based data communication services including customizable solutions for compression, security and performance for various communication formats(WebRTC, Web sockets, AJAX, URL), various data formats(XML, JSON, binary, audio, video, image), various devices(desktop, mobile, smartphone, USB and bluetooth connected devices).

Open source consultation and services

Consultation and services for migrating to open source services.
Consultation services and application services for reducing application license costs(conversion of systems and macros from old to new formats).

Web development

Specialized in the following software development: Website development(HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL), Web application development(Node.js, React, Symphony, MongoDB), hybrid and (PWA)progressive web applications, refactoring, source migration.



Home Page

Home Page

Quickly search using many different search engines. Includes shortcut codes for services for keyboard-only searching. URL



Web technology based communication as a widget, standalone app and for wearable glasses. Alpha version stage.

Resume Maker

Resume Maker

System that can easily create resumes and link with other services. Under development.


The Open Web History

  • Nothing ready. Just making preparations.


    Business starts

    Nothing ready. Just making preparations.

  • Started working at workspace in S-CUBE location in Nakamozu.


    Workspace acquired

    Started working at workspace in S-CUBE location in Nakamozu.

  • Updated temporary website with better UI.


    Website renewal

    Updated temporary website with better UI.

  • The future



Osaka prefecture, Sakai city (Nakamozu, Shinkanaoka). Website development, VR & AR, Global solutions.

Damien Golding


The business has just begun so there is only one employee, but the business will not lose to larger companies through ability.


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